Support. Experiment. Connect. Engage. Reflect. Celebrate. These six words represent what Vooruit will stand for in the coming years. As it becomes an official Art Institution on January 1, 2017, Vooruit will fundamentally transform as an institution.

We are therefore re-thinking our mission and structure.
We are transforming the way in which we develop activities and support artists.
We are improving the experience in our monumental building.

But all of that is something Vooruit cannot and should not do on its own. That is why from Monday, March 13, through Sunday, March 19, we are inviting our diverse audiences, our neighbors, our partners, our students, our volunteers, our friends and family to come together during BLAUWDRUK (BLUEPRINT), to spend an eclectic week of working together on creating a prototype of what Vooruit could be in the future. It goes without saying that this includes some celebrating.

Of course, such a new status entails greater responsibilities, and we want to embrace them fully. After an intensive transition period we, at Vooruit, drafted a new vision and mission, based on clear and shared values. With this, Vooruit is taking its responsibility toward the broader cultural field, diverse audiences and employers.

But the key question remains: what do you expect of an Art Institution? That will be the central question during this week. BLAUWDRUK is consequently not a festival that focuses on a single-sided program, but will reflect on art institutions, with all interested parties - not in an abstract manner, but very specifically with Vooruit in mind. We will build a prototype of Vooruit’s future, a BLUEPRINT (BLAUWDRUK in Dutch). The perfect starting point for an undoubtedly challenging, but exciting, seven days.

See you then.

The Vooruit team